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Superior Facilities

Temperature Controlled Warehousing

End-to end refrigerated storage and transportation solutions.

  • We not only transfer it cold, but even store it cold! By using ultra modern technology in our warehouses, we ensure that your products are protected in the stopovers during delivery.
  • Every product has its own characteristics and hence needs different temperature controls. Keeping this in mind our refrigerated warehouses offers temperature in the range of +25ºC to -20ºC.
  • Our company’s refrigerated warehouse storage are completely computerized and as per international standards. They are well equipped to be temporary homes for your valuable products.


  • End-to-end advanced cold storage & SCM solutions.
  • Pan India presence
  • Highest quality service through FSSAI approved refrigerated trucks.
  • All temperature ranges & volumes.
  • Enhanced & optimized supply chain.
  • Multi-facility use of environment-friendly refrigerant – Freon 404(a).
  • Reduced transit time & operational costs.
  • Adherence to schedule & temperature.
  • Frequent delivery of smaller qualities.
  • 24*7 tracking through GPS system.
  • Plug-in support available at all facilities.
  • Well structured distribution system.
  • Competitive price.
  • 100% compliance on handling & safety.
  • Advanced IT infrastructure with full traceability throughout the supply chain, Centralized management of inventory, Global positioning system (GPS) enabled for real time tracking and data logger for temperature monitoring.
  • Here’s some number crunching- 100%Power Backup, 100+ Fleet, vehicle load range of 2.5 tons to 20 tons!.