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Superior Facilities

Temperature Controlled Transportation

End-to end refrigerated storage and transportation solutions.

  • We specialize in refrigerated transport services in India which includes thermal protection, improved storage handling, transportation of perishables, and delivering temperature sensitive goods in all environments.
  • Frost Global has implemented modern technology like global positioning system (GPS) for tracking the vehicle real time and an advanced data logger to monitor the temperature to ensure optimum quality.
  • We specialize in the retail industry and service retail distribution centers with vendor pickups with retail store shipping, and deliveries across India. Customer service is our top most priority and to ensure that we have developed an advanced ‘fleet management system’. This software is managed by a dedicated team which monitors our fleet real time to minimize any break downs thus saving precious delivery time. We offer cold chain management services in the food industry with fully managed, dedicated fleets for customers on a contractual basis.


  • End-to-end advanced cold storage & SCM solutions.
  • Pan India presence
  • Highest quality service through FSSAI approved refrigerated trucks.
  • All temperature ranges & volumes.
  • Enhanced & optimized supply chain.
  • Multi-facility use of environment-friendly refrigerant – Freon 404(a).
  • Reduced transit time & operational costs.
  • Adherence to schedule & temperature.
  • Frequent delivery of smaller qualities.
  • 24*7 tracking through GPS system.
  • Plug-in support available at all facilities.
  • Well structured distribution system.
  • Competitive price.
  • 100% compliance on handling & safety.
  • Advanced IT infrastructure with full traceability throughout the supply chain, Centralized management of inventory, Global positioning system (GPS) enabled for real time tracking and data logger for temperature monitoring.
  • Here’s some number crunching- 100%Power Backup, 100+ Fleet, vehicle load range of 2.5 tons to 20 tons!.